Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Okay...so we need a guitarist.Here's what I wrote in the UFK facebook group:

UNLUCKY FRIED KITTEN (an average pop band) require a guitarist. Have gigs waiting and there's an ambitious new schedule ahead with other experiences very much planned. This could well turn into a full-time day job....if my plans come off. Your creative input will be welcomed and my only request is that I can get on with the histrionics whilst you drive the music. It would help if you live near me...so that we can meet up and put together an exacting and hazardous set. That's it really. Oh....and I might make you wear a dress :)xxx Thanks :)xxx

I'm putting our current setlist on here in the shape of youtube vids....so you can decide if you wanna give it a go. Got a load of new ones to learn :)

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